I’m a SAHM and I hired a cleaning company. #NoShame

Look, ya’ll… parenting is hard. Parenting a special needs kid is REALLY hard. Parenting a special needs kid while battling an autoimmune disease… well, let’s just say sometimes stuff doesn’t get done. It falls through the cracks. And that’s okay. I’ve been really struggling with my new Stay-At-Home-Mom gig after leaving my full time job. … [Read more…]

FREE Apps That Will Organize Your Life!! (Plus one that’s not quite free!)

Ah, organization. That ever elusive beast that I strive to slay with the best of intentions every day… some days are major wins! Other days… well, a girl can’t slay a dragon every day. When would she drink mimosas? 😉 Despite the days where alcohol consumption (and napping) wins out over slaying metaphorical dragons, I … [Read more…]