FREE Apps That Will Organize Your Life!! (Plus one that’s not quite free!)

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Ah, organization. That ever elusive beast that I strive to slay with the best of intentions every day… some days are major wins! Other days… well, a girl can’t slay a dragon every day. When would she drink mimosas? 😉
Despite the days where alcohol consumption (and napping) wins out over slaying metaphorical dragons, I HAVE found some really great apps that have helped streamline our lives.
These apps are mostly free. If they aren’t free, I firmly believe they’re worth a dragons weight in gold!

First up on the list is Cozi! Cozi is an AWESOME app that helps you organize and plan for your whole dang family!

What I Love About This App: So many things! I love that each member of my family is color coded on the calendar, and when I enter an event I can easily chose who will be attending. If I add my husband to an event, he gets a notification email and it shows up on the app on his phone as well! This is great because he is often on a train where I can’t reach him, so I don’t forget to tell him about things! Now, HIM not forgetting is another story entirely 😉 but, Cozi helps with that too! You can set a reminder alarm for each event and it notifies everyone attending.
    Another thing I love is the meal planning function. I can add recipes (by just copying a link if it’s one you found online) and then save them to the calendar. At that point it will show up on your calendar view and you can also print out your meal plan for the week if you chose. It even makes a shopping list for you!
    Oh, and let’s talk about the SHOPPING LIST, ya’ll. Whatever I add to the list also shows up on my husband’s app. So I can text him and ask him to run to the store and he has no excuse if he forgets the milk, Sir, it was ON THE LIST!!
The best part? All of these features are completely FREE!!! There is a paid subscription you can purchase which is $30 a year and comes with some extra features. I personally don’t use it, the free version is more than enough for me!

Second on our list is Evernote! I am writing this post in Evernote, as a matter of fact!

What I Love About This App: It’s a great note taking app that allows for a lot of customization as far as fonts and colors go, which I love when making lists. It also will sync across multiple devices using a free account.
You can share notes with others, add sketches, audio recordings, images, all kinds of things! It’s a very robust app for everything from writing to simple note taking.

Thirdly, the Remind app! This app is really only useful if your school uses it, but many do!

What I Love About This App: It’s an app that allows teachers to send home reminders for the class about anything and everything, and you can also communicate directly with the teacher. If your school doesn’t use it already, share it with them! It’s a great communication tool and we all know how important it is to have good communication in education, especially if your student has special needs!

And last, but CERTAINLY not least: YNAB. Also known as “You Need a Budget”

What I Love About This App: Everything.
YNAB has changed our lives. Let me say it again for those in the back: LIFE. CHANGER. I’m not going to go into intense detail here, because YNAB deserves its own post. You can click here to read about our journey and why I will harp on my mother weekly until she signs up for an account 😉 This app isn’t free, and does require a subscription. However, you can search for “YNAB 3 month free trial” and I promise after the three months is up you’ll want to use this software!

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